Tickets API

Advanced information for expert users.


  • Laralum\Tickets\Models\Ticket

    • user()

      Returns the ticket user relationship (Laralum\Users\Models\User).

    • admin()

      Returns the ticket admin user relationship (Laralum\Users\Models\User).

    • messages()

      Returns the tickets messages relationship (Laralum\Tickets\Models\Message).

    • deleteMessages()

      Deletes all the ticket messages.

  • Laralum\Tickets\Models\Message

    • user()

      Returns the message relationship (Laralum\Users\Models\User).

    • ticket()

      Returns the ticket relationship (Laralum\Tickets\Models\Ticket).

    • isAdmin()

      Returns true if message user id is equal to message ticket user id.

    • isCurrentUser()

      Returns true if message user is the logged in user.

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