Shop installation


To download the shop package you'll simply need to require the package with composer:

composer require laralum/shop

After downloading the package you'll need to migrate the database

Migrate the database

This will add all the nessesary tables in your database

php artisan migrate

Publish the views

To publish all the views and be able to edit the public ones, just type:

php artisan vendor:publish

After installing

After installing the shop package you can check the configuration at the sidebar.

Did you know?

Laralum is open source hosted on github and currently have no funding.


Please consider donating if you liked the project, we currently have no funding and we're spending a lot of time maintaining and developing this project.

The creators

Èrik Campobadal Forés

Aitor Riba Archilla

Major Contributors

Krishan König


Snow McFox