Shop API


  • Laralum\Shop\Models\Category

    • items()

      Return all the items in the category.

  • Laralum\Shop\Models\Item

    • category()

      Return the item category.

    • orders()

      Return the item orders.

    • sales()

      Return the item sales (successfull orders).

    • earnings()

      Return the total item earnings.

    • available()

      Return true if the item is available to purchase.

    • showStock()

      Return the status of the stock as a string.

  • Laralum\Shop\Models\Order

    • items()

      Return the items of the order.

    • status()

      Return the order status.

    • user()

      Return the order user.

    • price()

      Return the total order price.

    • units()

      Return the total units in the order.

    • tax()

      Return the order tax when payed (in currency units).

    • totalPrice()

      Return the order price + tax payed.

  • Laralum\Shop\Models\Settings

    • defaultStatus()

      Return the default order status.

    • paidStatus()

      Return the paid order status.

    • currencies()

      Return the available currencies.

  • Laralum\Shop\Models\Status

    • orders()

      Return all the orders with that status.

  • Laralum\Shop\Models\User

    (Extends Laralum\Users\Models\User)

    • orders()

      Return all the orders from that user.

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