Getting Started

This documentation page will guide you trough everything you need to know about Laralum and how to use everything we provide.

What is Laralum?

Laralum is an idea that came to our mind when we found no CMS that had the right balance between power and flexibility. This can sometimes be tricky, the whole point of Laralum is to provide a content manager that's ready for developers to use and customize.

What's the difference with others CMSs?

The major difference between Laralum and other CMSs like Wordpress or Joomla or even other laravel admin panels is the fact that we provide all the backend nessesary and ready to work but we provide few front end ready content. That means you can (or not) create all the front end yourself, leading to a more developer-ready experience.

So what can Laralum do?

Well, we have already created a lot of packages to help you develop your project faster but they are not mandatory, that means you can install Laralum and install only the packages you want to work with to avoid unessesary files or features to be added.

What kind of packages do Laralum have?

Laralum provides a lot of packages for the web, starting from a basic CRUD to a complex shop package. You can find yourself willing to create a blog for a customer, but instead, you can just install the blog package, and the same goes for a forum. Let's be clear, you will need a lot of them in a big project! Check the left menu to see all the available modules.

Did you know?

Laralum uses consoletvs/charts package to generate all the graphics you see on the panel, from the simple ones to the most complex you might see.


Please consider donating if you liked the project, we currently have no funding and we're spending a lot of time maintaining and developing this project.

The creators

Èrik Campobadal Forés

Aitor Riba Archilla

Major Contributors

Krishan König


Snow McFox