Laralum can be configured using the config/laralum.php file that is created just after publishing the config in the installation link on the sidebar.

Configuration Keys

The keys found in the config/laralum.php are the following:

  • settings

    Define the basic Laralum settings.

    • base_url

      Defines the base URL of the application.

    • api_url

      Defines the base URL of the API applications that might be found in laralum.

  • superadmins

    Defines the user emails that have complete inmunity over all permissions inside Laralum.

  • languages

    Defines the languages available inside Laralum, defaults to all the available ones.

  • menu

    Defines a custom menu to be added inside Laralum panel.

    Example code:

        'title' => 'Other',
        'items' => [
                'text' => 'Homepage',
                'link' => '/',
                'trans' => 'my.translation',
                'route' => '',

After Configurating

You can simply visit the settings.base_url in the url. For example, if your domain is and your base_url is /administration you need to visit:

If you have the rights to enter on Laralum (You should add your user email in the superadmins array) you'll be able to see the Laralum panel.

Did you know?

Laralum uses consoletvs/charts package to generate all the graphics you see on the panel, from the simple ones to the most complex you might see.


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