Blog Usage

Blog Public Permissions

The blog categories, posts and comments are public, but to send a comment, users must be logged in, and should have a Role that contains permissions below to manage post comments.

  • laralum::blog.comments.access-public

  • laralum::blog.comments.create-public

  • laralum::blog.comments.update-public

  • laralum::blog.comments.delete-public

Moreover there are lots of blog permissions for manage access to blog administration comfortably.

How it works?

Blog has Categories to sort out your posts into them and get have very organized blog.

The usage is very simple, simply access to administration panel, and then you can start creating categories and posts.

Did you know?

Laralum is translated with aitor24/laralang, a translation package able to autogenerate php translations files.


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The creators

Èrik Campobadal Forés

Aitor Riba Archilla

Major Contributors

Krishan König


Snow McFox