Advertisements Usage

Show Advertisement

The usage is very simple, simply create an advertisement inside the panel, once the advertisement is created, you can place that ad anywhere on your views simply using the following code:

{!! Laralum\Advertisements\Show::ad('advertisement-slug') !!}

You need to replace advertisement-slug with the advertisement slug you created in the panel.

After this is done, all the views and clicks will be tracked down!

Advertisements Scripts (Anti-Adblock)

To create the Anti-Adblock functionality, you'll need to add extra JS logic in the view, we suggest doing it on the layout view. Simply place this code at the bottom of your layout.

Note: It requires JQuery to be imported before it to work.

{!! Laralum\Advertisements\Show::scripts() !!}

Did you know?

Laralum started as a Laravel project in Feb 10, 2016 and now it has been recoded into independent packages with lots of new features.


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