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The modular laravel administration panel


Laralum is a coded into diferent modules for you to choose the ones you want and avoid unessesary space and it allows us to update them individually without any problems.


Laralum is built with a modern clean design, using UIAdmin (UIKit 3). It grants a very modern looking administration panel and is fully customizable using the customizable module.

Laravel package

Laralum is built as a package for laravel 5.4+ and it means you can use it on any existing project, regardless of the complexity of your current app.

Open Source

Laralum is totaly open source, hosted on github. That means anybody can contribute adding features, bugfixes and some feedback into the community using laralum.


We provide lots of languages to use Laralum: It was written in English and later translated over diferent languages like Spanish, German, French, Italian, Catalan and more.

Made for developers

Laralum is built for developers, we provide few front end as example pages in the public modules like Shop or Blog. This allows developers to adapt their own design without restriction. The admin panel is always well crafted.